Woods & Byrne

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Some stories are told in words. Others are felt. At Woods & Byrne, we believe in alchemy: that the right combination of scents, oils and materials can imbue even a simple candle with story, ritual and history.

We’ve always been awed by how our lives are shaped by those who have gone before, and by stories that have endured for centuries. Each blend of candle is inspired by a range of diverse customs and beliefs that guided the world well before the industrial revolution. It’s time-travel for the senses.

By handcrafting a unique mix of scents and the purest oils – we can imbue a simple object with this magic. The result is our Antiquities Collection.  Their ingredients and materials combine so that we can experience today, a small piece of history, culture or ritual that existed long ago.

The Eye Keep is our jewellery piece that has a function, as it addresses the problem of where to put your glasses when not on your face.  Worn around the neck like a necklace, your glasses fit securely through the ring and are held firmly in place ready to wear when needed.

Our handcrafted Collections of Eye Keeps range from everyday wear to dress wear and each collection has its own story to tell.

We hope you enjoy our products and the stories behind them.

Julie & Ken

Eastern Star

Eastern Star is inspired by the journey of the Biblical Magi from the East to visit Baby Jesus. Its heart is Oud, known as black gold in the Middle East. It’s an intoxicating, dark, resinous fragrance, but in some places, it’s a culture unto itself.



Pio is inspired by pink roses, which symbolise gratitude, grace and joy. The Rose is of course associated with love and romance. And to ‘stop and smell the roses’ is to take time out and appreciate the beauty in life.



Namaste is inspired by the peaceful, respectful Indian gesture of the same name, meaning ‘I bow to the divine in you.’ It is both a greeting and a farewell. Its heart is Sandalwood, one of the most sacred trees in India.


Victorian Favorite

Victorian Favourite has been inspired by the clandestine passions of Queen’s courts. Its heart is Tuberose, a sought-after perfume since the 18th Century. It combines the musky scent of Tuberose with the purity and innocence of Jasmine.


at Woods & Byrne, we believe in alchemy

Julie & Ken set up Woods & Byrne with a simple mission to create luxury handcrafted accessories from the finest quality ingredients and materials. They believe that the simple act of lighting a candle can transform both a place and a person.

In 2018, Ken and Julie decided to combine their skills, and started crafting handmade accessories together. Courses, extensive research  and working with consultants fed this interest, until finally, in 2019 Woods & Byrne was born.  Woods & Byrne launched their first collections of Luxury handcrafted accessories in November 2020.


“To connect with age-old stories is something special. To be able to share that with you is a privilege. And to spend our days on loving craft is a dream come true.”